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Marcia Kelly, CRS, GRI, REALTOR®

How do you select a great REALTOR®? One of the many ways to do so is to determine a REALTOR®'s qualifications. All REALTORS® must go through "basic training," passing their initial classes to achieve or maintain their licenses. Very few continue their real estate educations once they receive their licenses.

Have you every wondered what all the letters after a REALTOR®'s name mean? What all the hoopla is about? More importantly , how will these letters affect you?

By employing a REALTOR® with these letters following her name, such as Marcia, you are almost always guaranteed to work with a REALTOR® with years of experience. Such a REALTOR® possesses many educational hours, learning the latest techniques & knowledge to aid you in our ever-changing market--a full-time REALTOR® who will help ease your worries and make your transaction a piece of cake!

Most importantly, hiring a REALTOR® who has spent hours in the classroom, like Marcia, is free, does not cost extra. In fact, hiring Marcia will probably save you money, time and worry!


Earning a CRS designation equals achieving a "PhD" in residential real estate. Only 4% of REALTORS® in the country earn this designation. This achievement requires high numbers of real estate sales, and advanced training in the following areas: marketing, pricing, negotiating, closing techniques, financing, high-tech tools to better market properties, real estate tax implications and evaluation of investment property.


This designation is a requirement for ultimately achieving a CRS designation. It also requires a high sales volume and extensive study of real estate-related subjects.

You'll be able to achieve your real estate goals much more easily with an NAR member. As a member of this national organization, Marcia has sworn to conduct her business according to the strict Code of Ethics promulgated by NAR. She also will follow the NAR Fair Housing Program & ensure equal professional services for all people.


Marcia knows any discriminatory request from a home seller or landlord toward the sale, lease, or rental of a property is unethical and illegal. It is against the law to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familiar status, or national origin.

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